Monnaie romaine
Strasbourg, Argentoratum, camp romain
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    (Strasbourg). A city in what is now Alsace eastern France, on the German frontier, 2 miles west of the Rhenus (Rhine). The city originated on an island between two branches of that river's tributary the Helella (Ill). Originally the capital of the German tribe of the Triboci, it was known to the Romans as Argentorate (or Argentoratum), silver fort. Augustus' stepson Drusus senior (Nero Drusus, died 9 BC) may have established a garrison of auxiliaries there.

    From soon after AD 16 until 43 a fortress existed, forming part of the military command (subsequently province) of Germania Superior (Upper Germany); it was occupied by a legion, and later by legionary detachments, who constructed the first basalt wall (to supplement an earthen bank). After the city's destruction in the Gallo-German rebellion of 69-70 AD, Argentorate resumed its role as a legionary headquarters in c 80 (shortly before Upper Germany was elevated to the status of a province).

    Further serious damage followed in 235 AD, for during the 3rd and 4th centuries the place was severely exposed to German invasions, which led the inhabitants of its adjoining civilian settlement (canabae) to abandon their quarter and crowd into the fortress for protection. !